7 inch PLA spoon

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Provides multiple spoons options from small size PLA spoon to the long handle CPLA spoon. Small PLA spoon are made of 100% Naturworks PLA resin, It is 100% compostable. Our PLA spoon are usually used as desserts spoons or ice cream spoons. Our 7 inch PLA spoon is made of crystallized PLA and has high heat tolerance to reduce the chances of heat deformation.

Durable, stylish and 100% compostable. It is shatterproof, so there will be no plastic fragments in the food or mouth of the guests. Our compostable tableware is made from polylactic acid (PLA), which is extracted from renewable plants grown in the United States. Compared to standard disposable tableware, our PLA tableware is an environmentally friendly alternative. These innovative tableware can be composted and therefore have less impact on our landfills. They are perfect for restaurants, dining and family gatherings. Choose from a variety of colors to add features or just match your party/activity theme! Our mini PLA tableware is compatible with any SelfEco product that includes our patent pending tableware hangers.


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